The 8-Point Facelift

“Beautiful younger people are accidents of nature. Beautiful older people are works of art” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Getting a facelift on your lunch hour is easier than you think!

I know I am on the right career path when I catch myself daydreaming of what people would look like if they took care of their faces and bodies, doing everything they could to be healthy; I imagine a world of beautiful people roaming around in top-notch shape.

Earlier this Fall I attended a conference that included world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio as the keynote speaker. De Maio is known for his technique and approach with cosmetic injections for improving facial contours. He affirms that surgical results can be achieved without the down time of surgery.

With his unique, OCD personality, it was evident that one of his challenges was trying to get his patients to understand the structure of the face through his eyes. For example, patients tell him that they only need “this line removed” as they point to a shadow around their mouth. Dr. Maio explains that “creases” and “sagging” in one area of the face are likely a result of loss of volume in other areas of the face, and may require treatment nowhere near the exact “problem”.

De Maio emphasizes that the injector must treat the whole face rather than focus on one area, to achieve subtle, natural results.

While the thought of having filler in your whole face may sound daunting and unappealing, de Maio’s systematic “8-point approach” ensures that when the key points are treated, the results are natural, subtle yet noticeable.

The key is to apply small amounts of filler in the areas along the cheekbones, the tear troughs, the nasolabial folds (folds along the nose and mouth), the jawline, the corners of the mouth, chin and sides of the cheeks. Of course not every face needs all 8 points treated, however as faces age, these are the areas that present major volume loss.

Curious to try the 8-Point Approach and see how this can improve facial sagging and creases? Have a personal consultation with Natalie, Shelley, or myself and see how this treatment can benefit you.

Bring out your INNER GODDESS! One of our favourite books on women’s health (and health = beauty) is “Goddesses Never Age” by Dr. Christiane Northrup. We LOVE how she explains how to be AGE-LESS! How you get older depends on your attitude not your genes! Check it out!

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Hannah Arcega

Founder of Thermae Centre for Advanced Aesthetics

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