Beauty is an Inside Job

A group of colleagues and friends were gathered at the end of the day, discussing a new non-surgical procedure being offered that would enhance the “bootie” (the rounder, larger derrière has been trending since Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez).

The trajectory of our conversation spiralled downward to self-criticism of our own body parts. I found myself questioning if my own “bootie” was enough, when prior to that, I never thought I had a bootie-deficit.

More disturbing to me was the observation that these were a group of intelligent, gorgeous women engaging in self-deprecating conversation about their physical appearance.

It brings me to the importance of aligning our inner perspective with our outer appearance: I agree with Celebrity Athlete, Gabby Reece who defines her success as, “when who you are on the inside aligns with your outer life. If you can get your external life to reflect the essence of who you truly are…that is greatness” – Gabby Reece.

So how do we align our inner beauty perspective with our outer beauty expression? Here are six tips that can help get you started:

Inner Beauty

  1. Reset your mind & self-narrative by adopting a mantra or positive affirmation, such as “I am a beautiful, loving being who is grateful for my unique appearance.”
  2. Your vibe attracts your tribe! We know how influential socialization can be to our behaviours.  Encourage your friends to change the conversation. Take on other means of support, such as your beauty experts at Thermae! Our team is learning the importance of alignment as well and would love to work with you to focus on all the beautiful traits you possess!
  3. Practice healthy lifestyle habits to take care of your health and inner beauty. Recently we added skincare supplements that would support healthy skin functioning. BEND supplements (capsules or elixir) are an approved method of supporting beauty on the inside.

Outer Beauty

I had a giggle over a comment made by a 70-year old client who was checking herself out in the mirror after a treatment and said, “people should stop taking anti depressants and come in for some Juvederm because it makes you feel so good when you look in the mirror.”

  1. Make every day count. Developing outer beauty requires adopting a daily skin care ritual, morning and night. Thermae’s chosen skincare products such as Vivier, Celazome, ZO Skin Health, and Dermalogica, are rich in ingredients that support every day outer beauty.  Every day “must-have” ingredients are RETINOL, ANTI OXIDANTS, and PEPTIDES. For over 30 years, Scientists have clinically proven these ingredients to establish new collagen growth, creating healthier skin cells.
  2. Instant gratification with advanced beauty technology. Like I’ve always said, “we have the technology!” Why wouldn’t we take advantage of it as long as it is safe, effective, and produces natural looking results? For instant gratification, try facial fillers, which effectively correct areas of deficit such as hollows under the eyes, temples, cheeks and mouth. For information about how facial fillers can meet your individual needs, book today for your complimentary consultation HERE!
  3. Change for the long term. Achieve firm skin over time by adopting a regular skin-firming regime using advanced skin tightening methods. Thermae skin tightening programs include the Endymed RF (radio frequency) system. This radio frequency treatment shortens elastin fibers at the level of the mid dermis to effectively create firmer, tighter skin.

Bring out your INNER GODDESS! One of our favourite books on women’s health (and health = beauty) is “Goddesses Never Age” by Dr. Christiane Northrup. We LOVE how she explains how to be AGE-LESS! How you get older depends on your attitude not your genes! Check it out!

With Warm Regards,

Hannah Arcega

Founder of Thermae Centre for Advanced Aesthetics

Personally follow Hannah’s own beauty and health journey on Instagram here: @AgeSmarter

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